Free Shipping on All Orders

Return & Refund & Delivery

If you need to return your package, please make sure that:
1. The package and the item (required images) which is intact that we can sell it again;
2. It's better for you to issue the return within 48 hours after you received the item;
3. Contact us for return address and more details.
4. We will check the email time you sent out and the time the order dlivered. If it's out of 48 hours, we're sorry to say that we can not issue your return in our system.
5. The return shipping fee will be charged on your side.

If you need to refund, please kindly return the item first. After we received and checked the item, your refund will be issued within 72 hours.


Cancel and Refund:
If you need to cancel order and refund, please kindly send email to us after 2 hours you placed the order (before we process your order) and apply refund in PayPal (important!!!)

After we confirmed your payment, we will process delivery within 72 hours. We will choose proper shipping method for your package, usually it will take:


1. 7-15 working days for USA;
2. 10-25 working days for Canada, South America, UAE;
3. 15-40 working days for the rest of the world.

We offer Free Shipping on all order with NO tax.